Hydrogenerating Station River Bypass


Concrete restoration work to the tailrace side of the Abitibi Generating Station.


Aquatech’s involvement was a river bypass and dewatering of flow rates up to 25,000,000 litres per day. Design and construction of dewatering and bypass system including multiple 300mm diesel pumps. The remote area of the project required extensive exact, and accurate pre-planning of the project. Aquatech designed and installed fish protection devices on pump suction and energy dissipation and erosion control devices on the discharge back to the downstream Abitibi River. The schedule was extremely aggressive as the project completion was approximately one month to lessen the disruption to the generating station being off line. Aquatech’s involvement also included the submission of design calculations and system sizing, permit to take water and discharge authorization procurement with the regulatory agencies, discharge flow rate and water quality monitoring and submission of monitoring data reports.